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Summer League 2024


Beach Wave Volleyball offers Adult Beach volleyball leagues located in Paris, Ontario

Currently we offer 3 divisions on two nights a week.

Recreational 6's
Intermediate 6's
Advanced 4's

Leagues run from May Until August

Whats included in Registration?

-13 week Round Robin 
-Playoff Tournament 

-Discount AT UPYOGA Wellness
-Discount at Palgong Tea Brantford

Division Definitions

Recreational Level: Just want to have fun!

  • Do whatever necessary to get the ball over the net.

  • Know the general rules of the game but may not know the more technical rules.

  • 70% or less serves in play.

  • Rec Players often try to use three hits, but struggle with execution.

  • Basic passing, setting and hitting skills are inconsistent, and many sets are technically carries.

  • Hitters do not utilize a true approach.

  • Many points are “given” to opponent due to execution errors, (i.e. shanks, bad passes etc.)

Intermediate Players

  • Usually make three hits per side.

  • Have a setter, but most of the time the setter is setting from the middle position.

  • Attempt to block occasionally when a hitter is front of them.

  • Players play the position into which they rotate rather than assigned positions.

  • Have technical knowledge of the rules.

  • 70-90% of serves in play.

  • A solid “B” player has reasonable consistency.

  • A few points are scored due to execution errors but not the majority, most points have to be earned.

  • These players have typically played before regularly

Advanced Players
Please only sign up for ADVANCED level if you meet the definitions below:

  • Ability to hit with different hits at the same position.

  • Pass at high accuracy – My passes get to the setter so they can set all three hitters.

  • know how to spot a double or lift and I’m aware of when I do it myself.

  • Perform all skills: BLOCKING, SETTING, PASSING, and HITTING. 

  • Know how to cover the court defensively during a serve and during a hit. 

  • Can pass a hit or serve to the setter consistently. 

  • Hitters are able to take an approach and hit the ball consistently.

  • Setters can set a basic outside, middle, and right side ball with minimal spin. 

  • Get 90% of serves, or more, in play.

League Format & Rules

League Play

  • ALL league teams are required to have a minimum of 2 females and 2 males on the court at all times

  • Teams will play 2 teams each night. Each for 40 minutes. Games to 21 points, cap 25. You play games until time runs out. If your time runs out, whoever is in the lead wins the set. (must be at least at a score of 15 points combined to count as a game) ONE WIN= 1 POINT for standings 

  • Subs/Replacements from within the Beach Wave league can only go up/down one division. Example: you can take a player from the recreational division to play in intermediate. You cannot take a player from the advanced division to play in recreational. 

  • External subs are allowed, however please try and keep the skill level of the sub in line with the division you are in.

  • If a team does not have  enough players or does not meet the required number of guys or girls on the court 15 minutes after your start time, the team with insufficient players will forfeit the match. (exception: if the opposing team agrees to let you not forfeit prior to the game beginning)

  • To participate in the playoffs with a team, players must have played at least TWO weeks of regular season with the team to be eligible to play on playoff night, and can only play on ONE team on playoff night only.

  • Your playoff ranking will be  based on your season rank. 

  • NO smoking, alcohol, or drugs permitted

  • Any player who behaves in a disrespectful or irresponsible manner may be asked to sit out that night or removed from our leagues depending on the severity of their behaviour.

  • Any player showing up impaired or intoxicated may be asked to leave the facility.

  • Please pick up your belongings and garbage prior to leaving the facility.

League does run rain or shine, however not in the event of thunder and lightning.  An email will be sent out one hour prior to the starting time if leagues are cancelled.

Venue Cancellations: 

  • We will do our best to add additional dates provided venues have closed due to inclement weather.  Depending on availability, this may be on a different day of the week and at a different time. 

  • No additional dates will be added based on any other venue changes/closures.

  • Additional dates due to closures/cancellations are NOT guaranteed.

  • In the event of thunder and lightning during a league night that has already started, play will be suspended until no thunder or lightning has been seen/heard for 15 minutes. 


Start times will vary week to week for all teams, 1:00 pm is the EARLIEST possible start time, 7:00 PM is the latest start time


Start times are 6:00 PM and 7:20 PM

This is a public facility, please respect that, and help us maintain a positive environment not only for our league members, but also for others using the surrounding park grounds.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:




All Beach Wave Volleyball leagues will be played with the FIVB official Rules along with some provisions made  below.  


  •  Score sheets will be available from the league convenor. It is the responsibility of a team  representative to record the results.  

  • Missing games. Please email. as soon as possible if you know your team cannot make your scheduled games to ensure your opponents have plenty of time to be notified.Please be respectful of your opponents time, and try to limit the games your team misses.

  • All teams are expected to self-officiate these rules. Hostile behaviour over rules to other teams will NOT be tolerated. The person(s) involved may be asked to leave the facility for the remainder of the night, or permanently removed from our leagues depending on the severity of behaviour.


  • No open hand tipping - (see section 13.2.3 in FIVB official rules)- you must use your palm, or straight locked or curled fingers to hit a short shot over the net. No soft fingers can tip the ball over ,

  • -No Blocking/Spiking a serve.(see section 13.2.4 and 14.5 in FIVB official rules) (Blocking is placing your hands upright by the net to block the ball by deflecting it back into your opponent's court, and spiking is the act of jumping and hitting the ball down into the opponent's court with a swinging motion

  • - Absolutely no touching the net during game play (see section 11.3.1 in FIVB official rules)- No Lifts -

  • - A lift is when a player has prolonged contact with the ball and the result is basically throwing the ball up (see section 9.3.3 in FIVB official rules)--

  • Maintain Service Rotation, players are free to move out of 'position' during game play (see section 7.4.1 in FIVB official rules)

  • All teams are expected to self-officiate these rules.






  • Please ask if your opposing team is comfortable with spiking. Prior to the game start.  

  • If one player gets 5 consecutive points on their serve the opposing team will then start to serve.  

  • **A block does not count as a hit**


  • If one player gets 5 consecutive points on service, the team shall rotate to the next team member in rotation

  •  **A block does not count as a hit**


  • No rule provisions and will be played accurately with the official FIVB rules

About our League Partners


Upyoga + Wellness

All league members will receive an exclusive discount** on a UPLIFTED DROP IN - which includes a cold plunge, infrared sauna, and a yoga class at

UpYoga + Wellness.


The added benefit of this program to athletes are:

  • Faster muscle recovery times with cold water exposure post exercise 

  • Yoga to help with deep fascial stretching and increased flexibility

  • Infrared Sauna to help with deep cellular detoxification post exercise, and pain relief

Explore more information about UpYoga + Wellness on their website


*Registered league members will receive their member card on the first day of the season to utilize our exclusive discount.

**$60.00 for Uplifted Drop in pass. An overall savings of $15.00


Palgong Tea

Palgong Tea Canada is bubble tea shop that also specializes in creative beverages and local desserts. Established in 2019, they began with the mission to ‘create human connections over tea’.

Palgong Tea proudly presents its collaboration project with DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, an international organization representing the Deaf community. A portion of all DEF-T proceeds are donated to DEAF CULTURE CENTRE. Be sure to try a cup!

*Palgong Tea Brantford is offering Beach Wave Volleyball league members an exclusive discount and you will receive the coupon on the first league night!

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